A Cutting-Edge Hauler for Crab and Prawn Traps

Increase the capacity of your catch and save your back! Lift your pots and traps powerfully using the Brutus Max Torque, which is ideal for inshore fishermen and leisure customers. Lightweight and detachable, this prawn and crab hauler is easy to use, easy to store, and a must-have item for anyone currently hauling by hand.

Conquer Your Potting Goals with Brutus Max Torque

Expertly lift crab or prawn traps without having to worry about equipment faults thanks to Brutus. Renowned as the most efficient crab and prawn trap hauler on the market, the 12-volt Brutus Max Torque takes the hassle out of lifting. Powered by a high-torque, 12-volt motor, it requires minimal assistance. Lifting up to 45kg at 110ft per minute, it offers maximum efficiency.

Haul Traps with Power and Force

Available from £595 plus VAT, the Brutus Max Torque has a brand-new, even more powerful motor, and delivers ultra-quiet, exhaust-free operation. This means you are no longer faced with exhaust fumes or noisy engines that are difficult to start. Not only is it water-resistant, but it is also easy to store, install, and transport. Additionally, we offer net haulers, rollers, stripper systems, and accessories for easy fishing. The Brutus Max Torque offers the following features:

  • Large Capacity - It has a 45kg capacity and pulls between one and four prawn or crab traps.
  • Speed - It operates at 110ft per minute. However, this is based on one trap per line. Multiple traps per line result in slower speeds.
  • Performance - It offers 45 three-minute pulls per fully charged deep-cycle battery.
  • Lighter in Weight - It has a unit weight of only 9.5kg.
  • Power - It draws between 11 and 25 amps of power, depending on the load.
  • Size - It accommodates 1.5mm mono and line up to 13mm.
  • Improved Motor - It has a new, improved, heavy-duty 12-volt motor.

A Quality Hauler That Resists Corrosion

Enjoy effortless fishing with a heavy-duty hauler that offers unparalleled quality. The Brutus Max Torque has a tough, powder-coated aluminium frame that resists corrosion, and is produced from aluminium and stainless steel. By design, it mounts onto and plugs into Scotty™ downrigger mounting systems and sockets. What's more, it has a collapsible frame, which folds down in seconds for easy storage. It offers the following features:

  • Easy to Set up - Easy-to-follow installation and operating instructions are included.
  • Quality - It is proudly manufactured in Canada.
  • Warranty-Covered - Its motor is covered by a one-year limited factory warranty, and its frame and pulley system are covered by a one-year warranty.