A Commercial Fish-Stripping System

A slick device that is perfect for catching squid, mackerel, and all kinds of fish, the Ace Line UK The Stripper brings efficiency to commercial fishing. At Ace Line Hauler, we supply revolutionary commercial fish strippers and stripping systems that enable you to collect fish neatly, cleanly, and rapidly.

A Powerful Commercial Fish Stripper

Ideal for any commercial fisherman, the Ace Line UK The Stripper is used as a hand gurdy or jigging machine. A versatile product, it is suitable when fishing for mackerel, squid, or any type of fish. This fabulous, first-class product is easy to remove, and has fully adjustable stripper bars and line rollers for added convenience. Chemically polished, it is produced from stainless steel, and has the following features and specification:

  • Compatibility - Ace Line UK The Stripper fits the Ace Line mounting block.
  • Easily Stored - It dismounts for easy storage.
  • Resistant - Chemically polished, it is produced from marine-grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Strength - It has a specially designed monocoque construction for optimal strength.

Unit Weight


Overall Length

60cm or 24"

Overall Height

36cm or 14"

Overall Width

37cm or 14.5"

Providing Quality Commercial Fish Strippers

Take advantage of our reasonable rates to receive exceptional value for money. Priced at £595 with the addition of postage and VAT, Ace Line UK The Stripper is available with hand gurdy, outrigger, and front-roller attachments. We also supply haulers, rollers, and accessories. The attachments we offer are priced as follows, plus VAT:


Hand Gurdy


Standalone Bracket with Gunnel Mounting




Front Roller Attachment, Inclusive of the Roller