Enjoy Hassle-Free Fishing with Quality Accessories

When embarking on a fishing adventure, it is important to make sure you are fully equipped to take on any challenge. At Ace Line Hauler, we supply essential fishing accessories and supplies that enable you to hook the perfect catch.

Our Handy Brutus Line Hauler Carry Bag

Prevent damage and protect your Brutus hauler when you are not using it. Padded and breathable, our specially designed carry bag offers unlimited comfort and protection. Priced at only £38 plus postage and VAT, our handy carry bag is the perfect solution for fishermen who want to take expert care of their equipment.

Innovative Fishing with Bulldog Hands-Free

Lift prawns and crabs with simplicity using our brand-new, advanced, easy-to-use accessory. Our exceptional device transforms your Brutus series hauler into a hands-free unit. This means no more aching arms, shoulders, or backs while handling line that is thousands of feet in length. What's more, it easily coils your rope on deck, and can be installed in minutes. Produced from the 316 series of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it is priced at £66 plus VAT.

Achieve Flexibility with Our 360-Degree Swivel Bracket

Perfect for advancing your fishing equipment, our swivel bracket brings manoeuvrability and flexibility to fishing. Seamless in design, it easily attaches to your hauler so that you are able to swivel it around. Offering fantastic value for money, our 360-degree swivel bracket is priced at £110 plus VAT. Additionally, we sell the following products:

  • Male Scotty™ Plug - Purchase our male Scotty™ plug; a single-pin electrical connector priced at £5.16 plus VAT.
  • Female Scotty™ Socket - Priced at £10.49 plus VAT, our single-pin Scotty™ female socket goes hand-in-hand with the Scotty™ male. For added convenience the two products may be purchased together. However, they are also available separately.
  • Scotty™ Mounting Block - Priced at only £19 plus VAT, this is a replacement block for mounting haulers.
  • Marinco™ Plug - Priced at £16.25 plus VAT, this two-pin plug is designed for an electric connector.
  • Marinco™ Socket - This female, two-pin device is ideal for use with the Marinco™ plug and is priced at £18.60 plus VAT.